Thursday, August 13, 2009

i'm glad...

today jon realized he'd lost his wallet. long story short, he's leaving town soon and NEEDS his wallet. we ended up saying a little prayer as a family to find it. about 15 minutes later, we did.

when jon was saying the prayer it was nostalgic. you know how you always have that story told at EVERY family home evening about that one time that mom or dad couldn't find so and so but then they said a prayer and found it? that was the first time it happened in OUR the family that jon and i are growing. i felt glad.

isaac was even jumping up and down saying, "i feel so happy inside!" but to be honest i still haven't decided if it was because the prayer was answered or because he'd misinterpreted a bribe to help us find the wallet. either way, i still felt glad.

ila said a little thank you prayer after we found it...and that's all she about 3 different ways. "we thank thee we found daddy's wallet...we thank thee we founded daddy's wallet...we thank thee daddy has his wallet...".

i'm glad that i can say, with a heart full of gratitude, that i love being mom to these crazy little kiddos.

p.s. i'm also glad we got to see food, inc. tonight. for the first time i really internalized the importance of organic. whole foods, here i come! and i just found one 15 minutes away :)


  1. YEY! I'm so glad people I know have watched Food Inc. That just makes my day!

  2. That is an awesome experience for you and your cute family. We had a story like that with my moms diamond that fell out of her ring. It just proves that prayers are answered. :)

  3. Love the moments when all we are teaching them, comes full circle into reality. Heavenly Father is really rad like that.