Sunday, May 31, 2009


that's what i think i want to weston's nickname to be..."W" (read "dubya"). all of our kiddos had/have nicknames and Wes wasn't doing it for me for little dude. it came to me last week right before i went to sleep one night and i kept forgetting to tell/ask jon about it. and the only reason i say "ask" is because of his strong feelings about our previous prez. but i told him and he got the irony of it and it even made him laugh that laugh that i can only get out of him every once in a while.

and just so i don't forget here are the other kiddos' nicknames we've used...some have really stuck, others not so much

isaac: ice-pack, i just call him dude
ila: bila, bo-bila...nothing really stuck so she's just ila now
ruby: rubes (courtesy of beal)
lulu: lulu bug, bug...i think "bug" is a lifer. everybody calls her that and she responds to it as well

my nickname was moozoo...what was yours?


  1. My parents called me Shari Bug when I was a child. Now my siblings still call me Shari, and not Sharon.

  2. Dees, Big D, Adidas, adhesive, Black Widow, and Frou-Frou.

    I don't know why people felt compelled to give me nicknames, Adhis is "weird" enough.

  3. I like W. If you ever hear me call my husband "Dub" it's for the W. (Double J -Jeramy John - W - Wakley)It used to be "Dub J Dub"

    I don't have a nickname, and I can't stand when people call he Hide - especially my OBGYN. I tried to change DRs just becuase this annoyed the heck out of me!

  4. Wootz, Minnie, Bin and Na-Na. Don't ask. :) Something may just come to you after spending some time with the little dude too, but W is cool. He can make it cool again. ;)

  5. LOVE IT! mine was sarah-sue and subaru. love nicknames! ;)

  6. Mine was/is still Kimmie (my husband and close family call me that and I love it.)

    Consider for Weston at some point, "Dubbs". That is what we call my best friend Wendy...for the "Dubya" that is when it is just short for it...DUBBS!

    Best wishes tomorrow to you and your sweet family...don't forget...I'm on the help list!