Thursday, May 14, 2009

jon's on a shoot and i'm watching houston KILL the lakers so i thought i'd post some pics...

only in Lehi man...i LOVE it

not only does this chica love more food than i ever thought a 3 year old could, but she taught herself how to use chopsticks!

after discovering ready made pie crusts, i think i baked 3 pies in three days. one night, jon was bathing kiddos after dinner and came down when he was done to find one said pie oven ready. he then exclaimed, "pie?!? you made a pie since i've been upstairs? you've been holding out on me!"

i REALLY like being an aunt. little dude can't have eggs, so i gave him the frosting whisk while the other kiddos were downing cake batter

we've had lots of day trips lately. one day we ended up at the Y. we started at the duck pond and then our awesome kiddos ended up hiking the whole campus...from the duck pond to the wilk to the creamery on 9th, past jon's old dorm room, all the way to the bean museum. i think we were in shock about how well they did. jon wanted to take a pic in front of his old dorm with all the kiddos...a little more than 10 years and almost 5 kiddos later...crazy stuff man

i got a mandoline for my birthday and this was one of the first times i used it. i'm embarrased to admit how happy it made me to have these taters sliced so uniformly thin. i know, i'm weird.

they don't like having him home or anything :)

i saved the best for last. i don't remember how long ago this was, but i couldn't find ila one day when naps were over. so i opened isaac's closet door and found her like this...SNORING. she had curled up into a ball and fallen asleep on jon's old little film fridge. awesome.


  1. I see these kids almost every day and I still can't believe how old they look. Also I think Ila is trying to tell you something. She's a closet napper. She's not ready to give up the nap! Just kidding really, but man if I were you I wouldn't be ready to give up her nap.

  2. Yeah, Lehi still has some interesting things to behold every now and again.

    A few days ago, Dave and I were driving into an Orem neighborhood we'd never been to and saw an old, old shanty on the corner. I pointed to it and asked Dave, "How would you like that?"

    He said, "It can't get any odder than that."

    A half second later, an emu walked up to the fence by the road.

    Showed him!

  3. I bet Ila was hiding when she drifted off to sleep. I'd put money on that scenario--that's how I'd position myself if I were hiding. In a closet. At the age of 2. I think.

  4. I really like this post...thanks for sharing!

  5. These pictures are priceless! :) I love ready made pie crust. It makes everything so much easier. LOL And the picture of Ila asleep in the closet is the best. I loved the comment about her being a "closet napper". It is totally true. :)

  6. I love these photos, especially the one with the kids hanging all over jon on the couch and in front of the dorms. you all look so happy.