Friday, April 17, 2009

out with the old and in with the new...

remember these?

for those of you who have ever seen a movie with me or driven at night with me or watched TV with me you will recognize these as my glasses. i think it's been more than 2 years ago that ruby broke off one side of them and about 6 months since she somehow snapped off the other side.

i've not gotten new glasses because...well i don't know why. that is until the other day. it's amazing the difference that unbroken glasses can make in one's life. they don't fall off when i eat or when i look down and jon doesn't laugh at me anymore about my pathetic corrective eye wear.

and here they are!

they're basically a brown and tan version of what i had :) but like i said, functional eye wear is a luxury i never appreciated before! and p.s. i'm trying to love contacts but they drive me does the rest of the world do it?


  1. I LOVE your new glasses. They are so cute. So glad you were able to get some new ones. :)

  2. I started wearing contact almost on year ago and LOVE them. I hated that my glasses got spots on them from the rain, or steamed up eveytime I opened the oven. Contact was like I could actually just SEE! The first kind I tried was terrible. I tried them for maybe three or four days. I was told that after about thirty second I would not be able to feel them, so I figured after four days of wearing them my eyes should not be able to feel them.When I whent back in and got a new kind I finally understood why people choose to wear contacts. When I take them out it is strange that things are not clear. The is my experience with contact.

    However, if the glasses work for you then more power to you, and you look so cute in your glasses. Congrats on getting a new pair!

  3. I too HATE contacts...why wear them when you can wear such pretty eyewear? love to hide behind mine on my ugly days...which frankly, is most every day now.