Friday, April 17, 2009


lulu is officially a daddy's girl. she still doesn't speak very much, but one of her signature sayings so far is "daddy!" (insert weird 2 year old british accent). she'll come down the stairs or run around after her nap or wander around the house yelling "daddy!". as you can tell from this pic, i think he like it :)


  1. Yeah, I would say that she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. :) Such a cutie.

  2. babies are the best right out of the tub..all warm and cuddly.

    I know you have loads of help and offers already but I will be in utah june 11-14 for work on the 12th and if I can help you or your family at all I want too! I know you kids don't know me but I loads of fun and would love to take them to the park if you need a break.

    please use me if you need too.