Tuesday, March 10, 2009

picture post...

now that i've figured out how to upload photos on the macbook, it's too easy to blog and there's nothing holding me back :) just some cute stuff from that past few days and this is mostly for the blog book this will eventually turn into, so no need to feel obliged to keep reading :)

teetee's the best auntie and the girls LOVE to have their nails painted when she comes over. isaac was kind of bummed when i wouldn't let her paint his

i think this was last sunday, but we fried up some chicken and micah was REALLY happy about it :)

i have to admit i'm not one of those moms that laughs when her kids get into stuff they're not supposed to...but i did laugh when i came downstairs to ruby and her haagen dazs...like mother like daughter :) i think it's even the same flavor my mom ate when we were growing up

second sunday dinner at gammy's with tasty jello eggs

isaac is pretty eager to do any and all things to earn quarters for his transformers (we're not buying them anymore without him working for it) i was surprised when he even wanted to sweep...funny thing is he came upstairs about 3 minutes later and said, "mom, sweeping isn't as easy as it looks"

i don't think anyone but jon will appreciate this picture...now that i look at it it's kind of gross, but let me explain. it's my bedside table...all my books, my water cup, my full pero cup, my empty pero cup, and of course since i'm prego, my tums...i think you can even see a dirty diaper sticking out from under the table :) jon hates my clutter...

so we've realized as of late how inequitable we've been in the distribution of toys bought for our children...isaac required ALOT more bribing for ALOT more things than the girlies. so today i bought them some princess stuff just because. isaac was even okay with it after i made him his crown (inspired by burger king crowns of the good ol' days)

just a pic of lulu and dad for good measure...oh! and a quick anecdote...last weekend when jon was out of town, lulu saw a shorter, stockier dude of latino descent and she immediately screamed "daddy!"


  1. I'm pleased to have passed on the Haagen Daas habit; but sorry that my clutter thing came thru to you; Love you. Mom

  2. Callie, your kids are so dang cute! I love stalking your blog :)
    Haagen Daas...YUM!

  3. Fun pictures! I am laughing about the "daddy!" thing, my kids always get thrown off by tall bald guys. :)

  4. That story about "daddy" was hilarious. :) And I do have to laugh about the ice cream too. I find Caden in the popsicles all the time. LOL

  5. oh my gosh, callie, i have to tell you - we were in wendy's the other day and this "shorter, stockier dude of latino descent" entered, and grant screamed "tito jon!" i was dying laughing!