Wednesday, February 25, 2009

how 'bout we lighten things up a bit?

this will be the post of all posts because i finally figured out how to upload my pics on the macbook...i know...mac=easy...but now i know....and i haven't posted pictures in forever so this is covering about 4 months...just warning you. this might take a while :)

i don't even remember when this was...i just thought it was super cute with teetee and beal and the girlies. we need to start having people over again...

the before that makes me smile...

and the after that makes me cry...what were we thinking?

we NEVER have pictures together unless we're on a trip for some reason...this was right before we went to see "wicked" in chicago...i LOVED it and jon basically took a really expensive nap

just cute

i've already started praying that they like each other half as much as they
seem to here when they're teenagers

i know, i know...i don't bake, but i thought the whole bread making thing could come in handy some's about 33% whole wheat and TASTY. jon even liked it

sometimes when she's bored, she just likes to take a for me

i came home from a quick night out when jon was gone and found them
sleeping like this...they really are best buds

i thought she looked like me until i saw this pic...she was so cute and just put her arm
around me for the pic and pulled in tight

our most common partners in crime when we need to kill some daylight winter hours

chuck e. cheese's is actually a good place for winter
time killing...and lulu and nig are best cousins :)

sometimes they even act like they like each other

on friday night i rememberd the next day was valentine's and they really got into it this year

lulu with her nutella strawberry pancakes and strawberry milk

ila with the same

ruby giving me her "happy" face

everybody doing their valentine's "cheers!"

yummy boba....mmmmm

one of our first stops when we hit san diego...jon's really excited

ila's first boba

like i have to get creative to kill those winter daylight hours

who knew boxes could be so much fun?


  1. I love coming to your blog! Your children are incredibly darling. Their faces always look so happy and excited for life. You're such a wonderful mother! We're praying for you, Jon and little Weston. I cannot imagine what must go through your mind each day. The livelihood of a child is everything to a mother. Let us know if you're ever in the San Fran area again. Come bunk anytime!

  2. They will totally love each other when they're older--they have you and your sisters as examples.

  3. What a fun batch of pictures offering a glimpse of the fun stuff happening in the Canlas household!! You guys are always doing something fun. I love it. And the picture of you and Jon at Wicked is great! What a hot couple!!

  4. Lame, I saw the boba picture picture and almost said, "I LOVE UTAH NOW!" because I thought it was here. Sad day, and now I officially still hate Utah.

  5. There's a decent place in Provo that makes Boba drinks. The place has a funny Chinese name, "Cooking Tastes Right." good food too.

  6. These are such fun and cute pictures. :) I love how excited Jon got to get a Boba drink. I'll have to try one next time I can find one. LOL. It was so much fun hanging out the other night. We'll have to do it again soon. :)

  7. This was great! I can't believe how grown up everyone is! The box picture and the one of Ila pulling you in are my favorites...

  8. Thanks for blogging these cute pictures...your and yours are such beautiful people! I LOVE the picture of you and Jon the most. =)