Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm still here :)

Hello all! For those of you who thought I'd died in the blogging world, I'm living proof of the resurrection. I'm back! And I might even have pictures if I can find them on the lappie...anyway, life is good. We're in a routine and adjusting to having 4 kiddos and that's about it.

Isaac started preschool and has really grown up alot. He's a funny kiddo. Case in's a conversation where Isaac had us rolling with laughter...

Isaac had 5 minutes before said he didn't want to be baptized and that he didn't like Jesus...I chose to focus on the not liking Jesus part and didn't really focus on the baptismal concerns. We talked about where everyone went on their missions and Isaac asked where Beepa went on his and we told him he hadn't. Then Isaac asked when Beepa would get his hair back. We told him the Jesus would give it back to him when we're resurrected and Isaac then says with all sincerity..."Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I'll get baptized". Funny, funny.

We're trying to figure out if Ila is bipolar or just 2.

Ruby Lou is still super cute.

Lulu makes me want to have more babies.

Anyway, here are some pics....


  1. Oh my goodness, the cuteness is overwhelming! I need to lay down for a minute before I go into cuteness arrest. Good to hear from you.


  2. Keep blogging, I like it!

  3. I guess I'm stating the obvious, but those kids are so super-cute... I could just cover them in spices, roast them over an open fire and eat them whole. OK, maybe that's over-reacting, but they are really cute.

  4. Somehow that picture of Lulu makes me want to have more babies too....

  5. I remember when Isaac was very sad, and in a fit of crying simply yelled, "I just want to be happy again!!" Amen Isaac! Excellent blog Calli!

  6. SO CUTE! The pictures are breathtaking! I agree with Camille, makes me want to have more babies. I am so glad you are blogging.. I miss you so much and this will make me feel closer!
    So funny about Isaac!

  7. I was reading a Dora picture book with Ruby not too long ago and she pointed at Boots and exclaimed, "Boots!" while smiling up at me.

    I just melted.

  8. Yay for blogs! You found me! I'll be sure to check in on how a mom of twins does it. So how do you do it? Maybe you can dedicate the ten posts to that. Or if you ever want to blog and can't think of any family news you can just write one post on that subject. Or you can send me a line at I'm so glad you found me.