Thursday, September 06, 2007

a name and a blessing...well just a name really

check out my new links...i don't know why it took so long to get my in-laws linked up, but now they are! and "fatty's" blog is especially cute...

to explain the names...i'm trying to be consistent with how i name people's blogs so here is why i named you what i named you.

army wife: this is joycelyn, jon's sister, and her hubby randy is courageously serving in our nation's army. he's been deployed to iraq a couple of times already and we're glad he's made it back safe every time. they are in louisiana and i admire them for the hard things they do with smiles on their faces. :)

the IT man: i thought this was rather clever :). jason, jon's brother, and his family live in houston, texas and jason works for PWC (Price, Waterhouse, & Cooper). he's one of their leading Information Systems guys and travels tons doing tech support for auditing teams...thus, he's the IT man. does that make sense to anyone but me? if not, i'm used to amusing only myself. their little grant-man just turned one and they are a super cute family :)

HP #1 fan: this is jasmine, jon's other sister. you'd think from the technology pun i used with the previous name that "HP" would refer to a certain computer company, but anyone who knows jasmine knows that "HP" stands for the most famous wizard kid known to man...mister harry potter...jasmine and her fam live in springfield missouri. isaac still talks about his cousins in missouri from our july 4th trip to st. louis. man, did he LOVE having other kiddos to run around and play with.

guatemala mama: this would be julila, jon's cousin. she and her husband moved down to central america for a 2 year mining engineering gig. she even gets to have her baby down there. it's always fun to have international connections.

lola: this would be jon's mom. in filipino, "lola" is the word for grandma and we decided that's what we wanted our kiddos to call her. they sure love their lola.

fatty: my sister camille had her baby 6 wks early and little nigel came into our family. every time we saw camille and nigel after they came home she would say,"look how fat nigel is!!" she was very proud that her little bebe was gaining weight so quickly. and his name is "nigel" and that's a bit british sounding. so when you say "fatty" you have to say it with a british accent and think of the morrisey song "you're the one for me fatty". then you realize what a term of endearment the whole "fatty" thing really is. :)


  1. Callie, I love my nickname! I used to have HP fan on my site, but then Jon thought I was really into computers (I'm so not).

  2. Hi Callie. We just thought we'd stop by and let you know that we started a web log. You can check it out if you want... the address is See you tonight!
    Ced and Sarah