Tuesday, June 20, 2006

thai happiness in portland

the city is portland and the place is THAI PEACOCK. go there. soon. it is good. and tasty. and you can eat outside if it's not raining. and it's close to a big as a city block independent bookstore. (thanks to tim and sage for the tip...YUMMO!!!)

i know this all might look kind of gross, but we wanted to share our thai happiness with those we love most. if anyone EVER goes to portland, this the CHEAPEST, BESTEST, MAKING TUMMY HAPPY thai food ever...we went twice in two days. this is what was left of jon's spicy prawns when i decided to take a picture...

and this is what was left of our drunken noodles...that's my new ultimate favorite, drunken noodles. they don't have that at thai chili gardens here in utah, but man oh man are they YUMMY...

and this is my panaeng curry...simple but oh so good.

and it was only $32 INCLUDING TIP...three entrees people. the lady told us we were ordering too much food and i politely told her that we eat a lot of food. it wasn't as awkward as it sounds...i think restaraunteurs like people who eat a lot of food. we did.

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  1. Hi Callie! It's me Lumina! I love your blog and seeing your precious babies. You're all adorable.