Monday, February 06, 2006

sweet dreams

so i've slept...and all is well with the world.

i think jon may have posted about this already, but it deserves repeating. about a week ago, we went out for dinner and then decided to surprise my mom for a visit. so we did and she was happy and we all got out of the house for a while. then i decided it would be fun to go see doughnuts on the conveyor belt at krispy kreme (i had seen the "HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW" sign on the way there). jon was reluctant, but finally conceded...and it ended up being the funniest thing we'd done in a long time.

isaac was enamored by all the "bagels" that appeared magically in front of him and then, when the lady behind the counter actually gave him one of the "bagels" he couldn't believe it. we were all pretty enamored by the conveyor belt and sat there quite happily for a long while enjoying our free treats.

then people start coming into the store...a young couple with the third wheel tagging along, another family capitalizing on the glowing sign outside, and then a group of adolescent kiddos...boys i guess. isaac thought those guys were very interesting and so with all the social courage of his father, he walked right up to one of them and said hi. i think the kid didn't really know what to do, so he just ignored him. but isaac, like his daddio, is persistent and kept greeting the poor little dude until he got the response he wanted.

the best part of the whole night, however, was when between greeting everyone else in the group and chasing that first kid around and around the store, isaac abruptly stopped in front of jon, his lola and i and proceeded to introduce us to his new friend. he thusly pointed to each of us and identified who we were accordingly...jon as "jon", sharon as "lola", and myself as "mommy".

i can't think enough about this night because it gives me hope that at least one of my children won't be plagued with paralyzing shyness i had to learn to overcome in social situations. we got a good laugh out of the whole thing for the rest of the night as well. i've come to appreciate the value of a good laugh lately, so thanks isaac for making me smile.

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  1. This is so cute! I totally miss your whole family. It's not fair for those little baby girls to grow up wihtout their Aunt Mildew. Don't worry. Just because I don't see you and your children doesn't mean that I'm not still addicted. I am going through serious withdrawals.

    PS How do I edit the links on my blog?