Friday, December 09, 2005

thanksmas for the rest of us

well, thanksmas 2005 has officially begun. to explain a bit about thanksmas, it's a holiday created by the davis children to facilitate a holiday spent with our dad and nancy. thanksgiving is too short for anyone to travel and christmas it just too crazy with inlaws and step thus began thanksmas.

so far so good. i kind of started to freak out earlier though, because i've just been on autopilot for the last week trying to get things ready for everyone to be here. in the back of my head and my heart i knew this would be important for forging new and lasting relationships with dad and nancy. with all that's happened lately with my feelings about dad, i knew this weekend would be pivotal. and i didn't let myself feel anything, until today.

the fear set in, but only for a minute and then i was reassured that this will all work out. i asked jon for a blessing and it reaffirmed all that we've been doing for dad. god really is great and god really is good. he's not left me alone in the past weeks ever, and i know it's because he loves my dad more than i do.

jon gave catie a blessing tonight before she left to go sleep before the ACT's tomorrow. wow. catie and i were just talking today about how much she's matured spiritually since they moved here. we talked about school and college and homelife and the blessing touched on almost everything we talked about today. she was so grateful to jon to be able to ask for a blessing at a moment's notice. she left comforted and confident and she knows heavenly father loves her and knows her. what could be more powerful for a 17 year old girl to know than that the most powerful entity of eternity knows and cares about her and what she worries about and what she's excited about.

i told mom the other day that she was a great grandma. we were talking on the phone and if we'd been face to face i think i might have seen her fall over. sincere compliments have so much power for good. even with jon and i, when he tells me how i'm the perfect woman for him and how lucky he is to have me i think i might fall over too. we should sincerely share our compliments of others more often. i know that i'm more motivated to keep on keepin' on if i know that i'm appreciated. peace.

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