Monday, December 05, 2005

taking one for the team

growing up we NEVER had colored lights on our christmas tree. NEVER. jon and i have talked lots lately about how we are supposed to be a team, so i thought i'd take one for the team and alternate years for white lights and colored lights. since last year we had white lights on our tree that means, yep, you guessed it...colored lights this year.

so for family home evening we deposited some checks, bought some colored lights, and bought the biggest christmas tree on the lot. really i think it was. we brought it home and it fit, thank goodness...and we started putting up the lights. oh! i forgot. we bought mulit-colored candy canes too.

and people, i have to admit our tree looks goooooooooooood. i never would have thought that colored lights and candy canes could look so not tacky. so the moral of the story? taking one for the team is worth it sometimes. well, lots of times. in the end its all happy anyway. especially if i can sit in front of my christmas tree watching my husband and my two year old happy as can be because we have color and candy on our tree. merry christmas.

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