Wednesday, April 07, 2010


i've come to a point, in the life of callie, that i'm feeling better than i have in a while. i just had a conversation with a friend about this. and she asked what was motivating me to do some of the things i've started doing again. i told her lots of things...i'm not pregnant, i don't have newborn baby, it's almost spring, the older kiddos have a few of their own things going on so i have a little more time for my own stuff...see? lots of things.

then i realized another reason i'm feeling so motivated. i've found a really good friend. (she's going to DIE when she reads this post.) but it's true. and i think as young, busy moms that good friends are hard to make and keep. but in the past months i'm glad to say that i've added another good friend to my list...that easy kind of friendship, you know? where you both understand each other's lives are busy...where it's automatically comfortable...where you have the most important things in common...where you can pick up right where you left off...

so enough of the babbling. (i can just FEEL how embarrassed she is right now.) the POINT of this post is to share something. when i find something good i LOVE to share it.

my good friend megan showed me something today that you need to see. it's simple and powerful. it's beautiful but understated.

and i love it.

i just get lost in the possibilities of what to do with these...
and here are some that she's framed as well.

i don't know when she'll start selling these, but i'm glad to be one of the first to show them to you.

so much simple, powerful truth.

which one is YOUR favorite?

you can go to her blog here. keep bugging her until you can buy one :)


  1. Having friends like that is a wonderful feeling and really makes a difference in life. Yay for good friends!

    I love "Go and Do" I also like "Publish Peace" and "As For Me and My House"

  2. As for me and my house, by their fruits, consider the lilies... I love these. But really I want all of them. I think I'll post them (and a link) on my blog too, if you think Megan wouldn't mind...?

  3. Yeah these are seriously great. And I agree on the Yay for good new friends.

  4. these are beautiful. when she does start selling please let me know.

  5. she has an etsy shop...modern verses, i think it's called? but there's a link from her blog as well.

  6. Charity, peace be still, by their fruits...these things are gorgeous. They say just the things I need my family to hear every day, without lace, raffia, toll painting...Thanks for the glimpse. They really DO need to be for sale. By the way Callie, you don't know me, but your dear husband photographed our family last year. I like to keep tabs. :) I just think your family is so beautiful.