Tuesday, March 23, 2010

back in the hospital so i'm back to blogging...

dear lulu (AKA lulubug & bug),

we are watching you change before our eyes. i can't figure out why we're noticing it more than with the other kiddos. but every day, little by little, we see you transform from a baby into a little girl. you're talking in complete sentences. you know what you want and how to tell us all about it. you're sitting at the table with us at meals. you know when you're left out of something the big kids get to do.

you're basically crazy...and we love it. at least once a day you'll grab one of our faces and pull us in close and say,"hi! hi! hi! hi! hi!" while you toss your head back and forth. see? totally crazy...but it's the best kind of crazy that keeps us laughing all the time.

you love dance parties with daddy and the girls. we practiced for weeks before teetee's wedding and you danced your little booty off at the reception. i can't say that i've seen you happier.

just a warning: i think you might be a little OCD. you won't let me put you down for a nap or bed without you turning all the light switches on and off three times on the way down to your room. but at the same time you won't let me leave without you giving me the cutest kiss AND a hug before i close the door. if i forget the hug, we have to start everything over again :)

i'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact you'll be starting preschool in the fall. they will love you. and that's the thing. EVERY person who's interacted with our family, even a little bit, says that all of our kiddos are so fun and cute. but then they always add, "but man, that lulu...she's our favorite". you're so outgoing and social for an almost three year old and we LOVE that about you.

i get to spend a little more time with just you a couple of times a week in the morning when the other kiddos are at school. and when i can finally convince you that staying home will be just as fun as tine or beal's house, we have the best time. sometimes you come up to me in the kitchen if i'm trying to get ahead for dinner and say,"mommy, you cooking food? i help mommy?". other days we'll just both lay on the floor and watch whatever show YOU want to watch without having to fight with other siblings. but most days you just run around upstairs going back and forth between isaac and the girls' rooms SO happy they're not there telling you that you can't come in and play.

we named you after a character in one of our favorite movies. we'll have to tell you the whole story sometime, but here's the short version. at the end of the movie, the main character gives birth to her first child. she hadn't really been able to embrace becoming a mother for lots of reasons, but when she saw her child's face for the first time, she cried. she held her baby and cried. and then said, "lulu, your name is lulu. and we're going to have so. much. fun." that's you bug. and so far we're having the time of our lives :)


  1. Is it from The Waitress? I haven't seen the movie yet, but heard good things about it (and a baby Lulu).

    so sorry you all are back at the hospital. Think of you as always.

  2. yep...from The Waitress. and to be honest, i didn't love the movie until the end and then it all made sense and it will forever be in my top 10. maybe top 5...and i got back tonight with westie. it was a close call yesterday (i'll fill you in sometime) but now he's great. i'm excited to see the pics from your food shoot :)

  3. she has the best dimples. ooooo could squish her all day.

  4. I was going to guess The Waitress. I loved that moment of the movie. There is actually a moment in Valentine's Day that reminds me a bit of it, and I will forever love that movie because of it (even if 90% of it is silly).

    I've only met your kids once, but Lulu...she made a big impression on me, too.