Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ruby lou...

so ruby lou,

now it's your turn. i get emotional just thinking about the wonderful person you're already becoming. at my parent teacher conference with mrs. smart she only had amazing things to say about you, but i'll never forget this. she said, "ruby is one of my students that makes it worth coming in every morning." we've seen nothing but improvement in you since you started there. you know all your letters and sounds and numbers and you're flying through your books. we love to see how much you love to learn.

you have the biggest, most kind, tender, and giving heart of any person i joke. you are always the first one to give up your toy or treat to make someone else happy. you are always concerned about everyone else before yourself. and at the same time you don't let us forget that you are VERY independent and say "i want to do it by, by my, myself." love it :)

i can already tell you're a lot like your kind to everyone, so often looking out for everyone else, and always ready for a new adventure. we love you so much ruby and we're blessed to have your sweet little spirit in our home.


  1. could her name be any cuter? i absolutely love it.

  2. Can my boys marry your girls? What a doll.

    I've been thinking a lot about you lately. Glad to hear such good news about your little man. Hope you are doing well too. You are so strong - you amaze me.

    I saw a whole display at Barnes & Noble the other day of amazingly designed cookbooks. I wanted them cause they looked so cool - I which I had your chops to actually make what was inside them.

    Hope we all hang out soon. Take care!