Saturday, September 19, 2009


that's what micah calls this photo. three of my sisters ran the top of utah marathon on saturday. after everyone had crossed the finish line and we'd all had lunch, i i've never crashed before. and i think i only slept for an hour or so, but i was gone.

and i guess during my much needed rest, my family ensued to have a little fun at my expense :) the drugs are for the "s-i joint dysfunction" i was diagnosed with last week...i make me sound so old. but i guess it's pretty normal for women who've carried babies in their bodies.

to be honest, when i saw this picture for the first time, i laughed out loud. it's funny. and i do hope to be off my drugs soon. it feels like life is almost back to our "normal" crazy instead of the "i wonder if i'm really going to loose my mind" crazy. and that's a good thing. the end.


  1. SI Joint dysfunction? Girl, you need to see my physical therapist! (Yes, the same one who accidentally burned my butt, but he wont' burn yours.)(Unless you pay extra.)

  2. You poor thing! You were so tired at Youth Conference. Thank you for all you did. The food was delicious! I'm glad that you got some sleep. That is a hilarious picture though. :)

  3. We all need a good crash now and then. No one deserves it more than you! :)

  4. again....hahahahahahahahahaha! This is hilarious! "I'll have what she's having!"