Monday, June 22, 2009

my dad could TOTALLY beat up your dad...

i totally stole this from beal's blog who stole it from tine's blog. i haven't had a lot of motivation to blog lately, you know, just the usual sleep deprivation and the whole "we have five kiddos now" thing. but it's amazing. i always know that when i'm as tired as i was on the mission that i'm doing something good....

ANYWAY, i wanted to have this for my blog book too, and tine completely articulated the amazing-ness that is our dad. i'm glad that he's mine and i'm grateful for all he's taught's the plagarized material :)

My dad could beat up your dad.

That's what my bumper sticker would say if I were a bumper sticker kind of girl. But the cool thing is that he never would. He's not that kind of guy. This is the kind of guy my dad is.

He's the guy who put up the birthday sign with his 21 month old daughter (Callie Marie) for my mom when she brought their three day old daughter home (me) from the hospital on her own birthday.

He's the guy who loves and supports his family.

He's the guy who wanted to be a pilot when he was a kid

and actually graduated from the Air Force Academy and played basketball for them, too.

He's the guy who is the oldest of three brothers (but Uncle Bluce is taller)

He's the guy who was Moroni in the stake play.

He's the guy who hiked Half Dome with us every summer.

He's the guy who climbed Mt. Fuji...twice

He's the guy who runs and trains for marathons with his daughters. (Don't worry - I cheer while my sisters run)

He's the guy who could do anything in the eyes of this daughter.

He's the guy who would do anything for you because he loves you. He has taught me so much. My dad is full of love. He is a great Beepa to his grandchildren. He is a dedicated husband to his wife. He has instilled deeply in me my testimony of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Dad, I love you so much.



  1. Holy six pack AND THEN SOME, Daddy-o!

    And photos of you as a kid look like your kids now. Wow.

  2. Wow, I really does look like you. So cute. It's fun to see everyone young.

  3. Wow, I really does look like you. So cute. It's fun to see everyone young.