Thursday, June 11, 2009

he's really cute and really close to coming home

sharon was up at the hospital today and they transferred little dude to the regular pediatric floor. she snapped some pics and this one is super cute. (i know you can't see his face, but i love it when the binky is almost as big as their head.) he's eating really well and keeping his oxygen saturations up too. he'll definitely be coming home sooner than later and won't need surgery for another 3-4 months. we are all so in love already and can't wait for him to be home.

and a special THANK YOU to all of you who have done or will end up doing ANYTHING for our family...prayers, fasts, hugs, meals, offers to help, and all of that good stuff. we're completely overwhelmed with gratitude for all that's been done in our behalf. god bless all of you and your good, good hearts.

and p.s. if you call and i don't answer my phone it's because i just lost my voice.


  1. I am so happy that he is doing well. You and your family are fantastic! Let's hope he keeps up the good job.

  2. i can't believe weston is doing so well. i was in michigan last weekend, and i was checking in on him/you. even my friends (who have never met you) were asking how he was doing.

    please let us know if we can help. i'd love to come over for an afternoon and watch your kids, or run errands, etc. 801.358.5576.

  3. What an amazing blessing. I wish the pic was coming up (stoopid blogger) but I am sure he is a dawl face. Glad to hear he has moved...can't wait for him to be home with you!!!

  4. jon couldn't see the image on his computer either...huh...jon's downloading the birth pictures today so i'm guessing he'll have something up by tonight or tomorrow...actually i'll post one right now. a tube free weston who's coming home today!