Saturday, May 09, 2009

things i heart...

so last night before i went to sleep and i was thinking about the day, i realized i had said, "i hate _____" waaaaaaay too many times. so i thought i'd try to balance out the universe by reminding myself of things i heart. this will probably be pretty long and anything but interesting. it's mostly to help my own perspective and attitude. just warning you:)

here goes. i heart....

really good date nights...those ones that happen every so often that make you remember why you're still falling in love with your favorite person every day.

food. and sometimes i think i heart it way to much. but i hope for now i'm okay.

reading. sometimes, when i get a hold of a really good book, jon calls himself a book widower. i'll start reading and won't stop until the book is done.

nesting. our house has never been so clean. the couch in our bedroom has been empty of laundry for almost a week and it's all re-organized and hung up and put away. all the closets are clean and even lulu's room is clutter free.

tv. and i know i heart this way too much. it's sad to admit, but at least i'm being honest...sometimes my favorite part of the day is when kiddos are down and i can just veg for the rest of the night. i always have shows on the dvr to watch and food network seems to never fail me...except monday nights. monday night tv sucks.

watching movies in the theatre. jon doens't really care about going to the theatre anymore to see movies, but i LOVE it. i remember my film class freshman year when they talked about the vicarious nature of films and how that's one of the things that make them so appealing. maybe that's what it is for me, maybe not. but i heart going to the movies.

scooters. i took the kids to the store yesterday to buy them each one of those razor scooters. they've been playing outside for about 4 days straight and i thought this would help to keep them occupied and active. this morning at 7, the girdles cuddled up with us in bed and a few minutes later they were both asking to go outside to ride their scooters. LOVE it!

funny things the kiddos say. ila is the most detail oriented out of all the kids and she like to fold her clothes after she's worn them all day. when she takes something off and it's inside out she'll say, "mom, i need to put in inside-in". ruby's the most independent of the bunch and whenever she wants to do something by herself she'll say, "mom, i want to do it by by my myself."

a good blog read. feeling understood is a big part of my happiness and motivation to do what i do everyday. i can always count on this blog and this one to give me a little lift and a lot of perspective.

retrospect. one of the things that makes my faith grow most and offers me endless perspective and reminders of my worth is retrospect. i heart being able to look at times past in my life, whether long ago or relatively recently, and to be able to see the Lord's hand and His love guiding my life. it gives me purpose and fortitude and confidence to keep going and keep hurting and keep loving.

the end.


  1. Kaden loves his scooter too. I found one for him on the classifieds and it has kept him so busy!!!

  2. i love your list. the 'book widower' is my favorite though. awesome!

  3. Good list! I share many of your loves.

  4. Thanks for sharing these things! I learned a lot about you and found a new good blog read in the pocess. =)

  5. I related to so many things on this list, BUT what about 24?! monday night has 24! (but it is kind of annoying how many times they can write, "with all due respect" into a tv show).