Tuesday, May 19, 2009

our tub runneth over...

ahhh the joys of homeownership and twin girls overflowing the tub. lesson learned...(besides the possibility of drowning incidents) ALWAYS stay with your kiddos in the tub. their cute little 3 year old brains are still learning to follow rules and the "no splashing in the tub" rule didn't quite compute the other night. jon went upstairs to open the bathroom door to about an inch of water flowing into the hallway. then i heard christine say, "it's dripping" and my heart sank.

insurance is a funny thing. we had some damage to our wood floor back in january that wasn't covered because the accident wasn't considered "accidental and sudden" but this stuff is all covered because i wasn't with my girls while they were parting the red sea. AND they reimburse for weird stuff like the time we spent cleaning everything up and drying it off, for the 2 loads of towels that i did after we were done cleaning it up, and for the electricity to run all of the machines that have taken over our house.

meh...i'm done. the adjustor just left and i've got a check in hand to cover the damages of my stupidity. and it was the same adjustor who came back in january to deny me for the floor damages. i think he padded his inspection because he felt bad about last time. AND he seemed a lot nicer this time once he met jon...i'm not a fan of macho chauvenist latinos today. just wanted to warn you.


  1. he was nice to me because i was captain a-hole. he tried to cop 'tude with me and out came my alter ego superhero. captain a-hole. and then he was all nice, saying "wow, did you take these pictures? are you a photographer? oh, wow...blah blah blah".

    i have a good mean face :)

  2. Why am I reading about this on your blog before hearing it from your lips?! I wish I could have opened the pool for you yesterday, I had no idea!!!!!!

    PS The pool passed inspection and is officially open.

  3. oh i am so sorry! what a disaster. thank goodness insurance came through for you this time! sounds like you need a run to red mango. or better yet, give me a call and i'll come meet you at red mango! :) i've never been...

  4. Huh- that's weird to see in your first floor living room. Yikes!

    I'm not a fan of any male chauvenist. They don't seem to like me either.

  5. What a mess! Because of my horrible internet connection, i have been on blogs this past little bit. i sure miss your crazy family.