Friday, May 29, 2009

best executive decision i've EVER made...

so juan is in DC...yep, a wedding. and i've been trying to convince him for almost a month now that we needed to invest in some sort of inflatable water something for the kiddos for this summer. and for lots of reasons...they'll entertain themselves, they'll be outside, they won't get hot, easier for whomever might be watching's a really long list and totally legit.

but the thing about being married to jon (and this is no surprise to him) is that things don't happen spontaneously in this family very often unless jon thinks it was his idea. so i've been trying for weeks to convince and cajole and make him think that buying an inflatable water slide really was his idea...but it didn't work.

so today around 1:30 i made an executive decision. it was almost time for lulu to wake up from her nap and the other kiddos were already too hot to be playing outside...we were going to target. a pregnant me and four children 5 years old and younger.

it was a nightmare. their blood sugar was low, they were super tired, and i was walking them down the toy aisles without buying anything for goodness' sakes! and the waterslides were out of stock.

so between the yelling kiddos and the horrified faces of my fellow shoppers, i texted google and got a hold of the sandy super target. they had ONE WATERSLIDE LEFT! they held it for me and away we flew up I-15 to sandy. blood sugar was leveled off by a quick drive through chick fil a and after a stern talking to concerning target "do's and don'ts" we braved the store again.

i bought it. i even saved $30 off the sale price (for a grand total savings of $111.00) by applying for the target visa (which i promptly paid off with cash on hand). tine met us at the house and helped set it up and the kiddos played happily for a good chunk of the evening and my day is taken care of for tomorrow.

jon didn't mind, but he still isn't convinced. even after hearing isaac talk about how fun it was, jon is totally skeptical. but i'm betting after he sees how much they love the one they have and how he (or anyone else weighing more than 200 lbs) shouldn't play on it, that he'll be wishing i'd have bought the one at costco instead. it's fun being an executive every once in a while.


  1. That sounds like the best decision ever. Jon will never know what it is like to be pregnant when it is hot so he should give you a break. (sorry Jon)

  2. Wowza! Is that photo of the one you got or the costco one you didn't get? Either way, great purchase!

  3. this is the one i got, but they manipulated it to look bigger than it is...i mean it's still big, but not THAT's perfectly big :) like we'll get a good 6 summers out of it before the kiddos are bored with it big :)

  4. way to go! You'll be the envy of every child in the neighborhood now! :) Looks like fun.

  5. OOo there is a lady over here by us that sells the BIG mother...I guess she does eBay or something, I can find out how much she sells hers for if you can convince hubbs.

    BLISS...I want one, but next year, our grass is too baby.

  6. That looks awesome. :) Congrats on your decision. Anything to keep kids occupied is well worth it. Especially during summer. LOL