Saturday, September 27, 2008


so growing up my aunt kristen gave me the nickname "moozoo". i have no idea where it came from or what about me made her think about it. but it stuck...for a while anyway. i've used this name for lots of things since then because i'd never heard it before.

today i started my food blog and when i was trying to think of a name, i relied on my old standby. hence the name of the blog, "moozoo cooks".

i wanted to post about that blog on this blog, just in case i didn't have someone's email. so here it is. and then i had the thought to google "moozoo" and see what came up.

here's what i found. apparently my aunt wasn't the only one who thought of this word, but from the looks of the website, i've been around alot longer than they have. the concept looks cute though, and the chocolates and gift baskets looked yummy.

so that's that. i'll be posting at least once a day, M-F, and thanks to preblogging it's going to be a piece of cake!


  1. I'm hoping "m-f" means Monday through Friday. Otherwise, I'd be very shocked and would have to march right over with a bar of soap to wash your typing fingers.

  2. yikes! i'm changing that right now!

  3. I have not been this excited about a new blog in a very LONG can count on me to appreciate and use your new blog on the regular!!!! Would you ever be interested in doing cooking classes with me? We should talk! I love to cook, entertain, learn about cooking and new recipies!!! We have so much in common, why don't we get together more often? This still puzzels me...except I know we are both SUPER busy! But seriously, I would LOVE to host a small gathering at my house, those that attend could pitch in a little mula...I know my sisters/relatives/friends in ward would be in. If that sounds fun to you, let me know and we can talk about it in more detail. Either way, I am really excited about your new blog. I always amazed at how much you have on your plate and manage to do it all so well. You are an inspiration to me!!!!

  4. Callie,
    I called you moozoo when you had been at my house for the day. We were having a sleepover. You were just a little thing and I said how come your so cute and you said cause I am moozoo and then gave me a hug that melted my heart and made me LOVE the name Aunt Kristen :) We were actually baking from a tea party book that taught you how to make mud pies (true mud pies) So your talent was abundant at an early age.......