Sunday, August 31, 2008

sometimes there are things in life that change us...

so if you read my blog, chances are you read jon's photo blog as well...but i just wanted as many people as possible to know what' going on. you can read about the catalyst for what's happening here...when i did, i cried and cried and cried.

sometimes there are things in this life that change us. and the nielson family's tragedy has changed us...

there are few things that affect jon the way i've seen this family's story affect him and so he's doing something to help. for the month of september jon will be donating the 100% of all proceeds and reprint sales of all family portrait sessions to the nie nie recovery foundation.

the price for the sitting is $250 and includes an 8x10. his goal is to raise $10,000 for this family's medical bills and recovery. and the added bonus is, if that goal can be reached, jon will give each participating family a disk of all the images (valued at $900).

so PLEASE tell everyone you know about this and if donating isn't something you're able to do, then prayers are just as valuable, if not more. he'll even be traveling to a city near you if at least four families in the area are interested. you can find out more at his blog.

like i said, there are some things in life that change us...i don't know this family, but their faith and love and hope has made my own grow. god bless them.


  1. This is such a sad story. What a good thing for your husband to do. Too bad I don't have the $250! I would totally do it in a heartbeat! Good luck with the goal!

  2. Kudos! Great idea!

  3. Bless you and your husband for doing this- Stephanie's brother is actually a good college friend of mine and Jeremy's. I love you guys even more than I already did for helping out when you don't even know them. You are awesome.