Thursday, June 26, 2008

i'm a blogging machine!

i think i've been tagged once before, but i've never really done it...well this one anyway. so here goes!

How long have you been married: almost 6 years

How old is your husband: 32

Who eats more: Jon...unless I REALLY like it :)

Who said "I love you" first: is it bad if I don't remember?

Who is taller: me

Who sings better: Jon actually...he sounds just like whoever is singing the song he's listening to

Who is smarter: Jon's more artistically intelligent and I'm a tad more intellectual...remember? i'm going to be a master :)

Who controls the T.V.: we take turns or we fight

Who's temper is worse: in general, Jon's but I tend to snap and then I'm a crazy woman

Who does the laundry: me...the end

Who does the dishes: Jon totally does the dishes more than I do...I HATE it

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Jon

Who cooks dinner: me...always...over the years he's forgotten how to cook...and I'm not kidding...but it's because I'm a control freak

Who is more stubborn: 3 years ago I would have said Jon, but it's totally me now

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong: I think we're both pretty good at it, but I learned how to do ti from Jon

Whose parents do you see the most: his mom lives with us, so I would say her

Who has more siblings: me

Who has more friends: definitely Jon...but I like to think I've inherited most of them

Who wears the pants in the family: I thought about this question for a long time and I don't know...

I figure everyone else in the world has been if you haven't gotten this marriage tag, go for it!

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