Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i've never done this before...

i've always seen those birthday shout outs on other people's blogs, but i've never really felt the desire or need to write one of my own...that is until tonight. i've been blessed with many good things in this life, but one of my most important blessings...the kind that your life would suck my best friend ryan.

we met because of a common friend and got to know each other because of a cut out jawa (i stole it from her dorm room). i know God is a merciful god because He made sure that ryan and i lived on the same floor of the same dormitory our freshman year of college. i've never had a friend like ryan and as time goes on i'm beginning to think i'll never have another one quite like her. ryan is turning 29 today...well tomorrow (may 1st) i thought the best way to pay tribute to her person and our friendship is to make a list...i LOVE here's a birthday tribute list of why ryan is the best friend a girl could have.

1. she loves
2. she serves
3. she takes care of others before herself
4. she forgives
5. she bakes
6. she forgives
7. she ran with me to albertson's on university from the colony on 5th north at 11pm at night only to drink dr. pepper and eat strawberries with chocolate whipped cream
8. she appreciates music
9. she added to my non-existent "cool" factor for all the time that we lived together
10. she was comfortable and sure about going our own ways when it was time
11. she sent me lyrics to the first happy smashing pumpkins song on my mission
12. she got in water fights with the sprayer in the pastry kitchen
13. the pastry kitchen...'nuff said
14. she wants (or at least wanted) to be buried with the white album
15. she's had all three of her kids 3 months before i've had mine so she knows everything already
16. she listens to the spirit when it tells her to call me and i need it the most
17. she's long-suffering
18. she's a good late night talker and listener
19. she has an orange blanket that she might need to be buried with as well
20. she's a strong woman
21. she understands when i don't call and keeps calling me anyway
22. she appreciates the family that she comes from
23. we spent a whole 3 days together, just us, in my favorite city in the world while all we did was eat and talk and eat and watch movies
24. she doesn't judge
25. she knows the old me and the new me and still wanted to get to know the old me anyway
26. she married the man who introduced her (and indirectly me) to most of the good food in utah i still enjoy today
27. she inspired my love of films
28. she helped me find the me that was dying to be found
29. she does hard things even when she doesn't want to

if you know ryan, you know how lucky i am to have her as my friend. everyone needs a ryan in their life. so ryan, as you complete your 29th year on this earth and start your 30th know that i love you and that you have defined my life. and when worse comes to worst i'll always know that "i love me, heavenly father loves, and ryan loves me". i hope your day is the best day ever ryan. i love you and happy birthday!!!


  1. How could I not love the girl who had the moxie to steal my Jawa?!

    You. Me. July. Dumplings. :)

  2. I know Ryan! She rocks!

  3. WoW! What a sweet tribute...I wish I was someone like Ryan! She sounds like an amazing woman. I am glad you have a friend like her in your life, what a blessing! Happy Birthday Ryan.

  4. That is so cute Callie! Very sweet. It's so awesome to have a best girlfriend.

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