Thursday, June 29, 2006

IHOP funnel cake carnival...

i have now become victim to television advertising...i thought i was immune and too smart for them to get me to buy their stuff because of how cool, or necessary, or, in this case, how tasty they make it seem.

i think i may be more genetically prone to have fallen for this one this time...well, not genetically, but historically. let me explain. jon and i love food. sometimes we love great food and somtimes we love crappy food. when we're on our crappy food kicks it usually involves some eating establishment that's open 24 hours which we choose to patron between 1 and 2am. it's an old habit from our "we're single (in the sense we don't have children) or we only have a (x) month old baby who keeps us awake anyway so we'll show him and go eat food that's mediocre at best and will probably end up killing us one day but we can't stop" phase of life.

to bring this whole monologue together, i'll tell you about the commercial. picture the funnest, bestest, happiest carnival you ever went to growing up...and then, all of the sudden the fun stops. and why would it stop you ask? because EVERYONE, but you and one other schmo didn't get the text that something cooler was going down...the IHOP funnel cake festival.

so i saw this commercial about 2 days ago, after jon suggested we return to the old days of late night crap food eating and before i told him i was up to keepin' the tradition alive if he was. so the stars were not aligned to keep us from the IHOP...but instead of going last night, like we both wanted to at about12:30am, we went this morning with the kiddos and survived...well, we survived with the unfavorable 3-2 odds, kid to parent ratio...but possibly not in the nutritional sense of survival.

and now we're home and i'm regretting it like i always regret it. but isaac had fun with his pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, and i didn't have to make or clean up breakfast, and man, did jon's funnel cake look good. (i didn't taste it because i didn't want to be disappointed...i'll just keep that naively, innocent notion in my head that all funnel cakes are food of the gods, even if they do come from IHOP).


  1. You are braver than I am, my friend.

  2. Wait, I read wrong. I thought you did go to IHOP with 3 kids at 12:30 a.m., but you are still brave for braving the IHOP. Whoever made that commercial is giving themself a big pat on the back as we speak!

  3. hahahhahahhahhahhaahhaah. Call us the next time you go late at night. We'll meet you there.