Thursday, January 12, 2006

we've got la, la, la, la, la, la, we've got looooove....

so i'm folding laundry and i can't get this signing times song out of my's good stuff for isaac and for me because i don't feel so guilty that he's watching a DVD because he's learning something. but, GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD!!! anyway,ruby rolled over for the first time (from back to stomach) last friday. babies are funny that way. they just decide it's time to do something and they do it. ila has discovered her voice so she's howling like a mad banchee all day, but in a very cute way of course. aaaaaaaaaaand, ila has decided that she will go to sleep without having to be rocked. just lay her down with her binkie in her mouth and her really soft blanket around her head and she's out.

isaac's decided to repeat everything he hears, which has gotten pretty interesting too. or if he doesn't repeat it then he'll negate it. like yesterday in the car sharon said something like, "that was horrible" and isaac replies, "no borbible lola". you get my drift. but this morning one of those moments i swore would never happen did. isaac and jon are wrestling on the bed and jon gets up to finish dressing and i'm folding laundry. then i hear, "mmmm, yummy boogie mommy". jon and i both look at each other and say nothing. we are both thinking, "this is something i REALLY don't want to encourage in any way at all". i swore my boys would never eat their boogars, and today he did. just goes to show ME once again, never say never.


  1. Callie, the planets really are aligning. Today was the first time I saw Jasper eat one of his boogers, too. Although, he didn't announce it like Isaac did. But I think I would prefer that to, "That's the peeeenis!" which is what Jasper says whenever I change his diaper.

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhh, ryan i love you. that made me laugh out loud.