Tuesday, December 27, 2005

our christmas miracle

goodness, christmas was good to us this year. despite the fact we felt like christmas already happened with thanksmas, it was still so fun. all the kiddos were there at mom's except millie and micah who were in reno with the andersons. collin and i both admitted to each other that we wondered if it would be fun without millie and micah. i don't know what it is about them, but they just bring happiness and normality to whatever situation they find themselves in. a mutual acquaintance stopped by the other night and she mentioned how great she thought millie was and i agreed saying that camille is one of my favorite people. she is.

so yeah, collin made it to christmas. stupid opposition usually keeps him from joining us for family stuff, but i called him on sunday morning and he was surprised that anyone would come drive to pick him up, but i did, and i did so happily. i didn't realize what a miracle and blessing it was to have him with us until i was driving him home and spilled my guts out to him. i just told him everything i've come to learn about how the adversary works...about how he lies to us and makes us feel unwanted and unloved and how he really is trying so hard to take down any soul he can before his time runs out. at the same time i told him how much i've learned about God and Christ. they are with us too, but they want the most happiness for us and are just waiting to bless our lives as we commit to do better and keep trying.

the best part of christmas is that i told collin i loved him no matter what....and i meant it this time. i was finally able to really to make my love for him independent of things he does that i don't agree with. cool, huh? and collin said he felt loved. that's the most important and most wonderful thing that happened this christmas. it was our christmas miracle.

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